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Welcome to UK skate scene, the website about skateboarding in the UK

annual skate day

Go Skateboarding Day - June 21st, 2004 

The International Association of Skateboard Companies and its member companies introduce the historical beginning of the first annual "Go Skateboarding Day". A day for anyone and everyone to take a break from everything else, get together with family and friends and go to your favorite terrain or spot of choice and let the good times roll. Go Skateboarding Day is June 21st which happens to be the first day of summer in North America. While IASC has initiated this Go Skateboarding campaign we hope to see it grow into an international holiday beast of it's own. Just imagine the grind heard round the world. Spread the word, Go Skateboarding Day, June 21st, 2004 All day, all night.

Girls Skate Jam

All girl skate jam and competition at The Pioneer Skate Park, St Albans, Hertfordshire on Sunday 4 April 2004.
The jam/competiton, takes place between 12-5pm, is open to girls of all ages and abilities.

The competition will be split into two categories, under 18s and over 18s and a separate sponsored skaters comp. There will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd sponsored placing, and skate products for other placed riders.

All girls who skate will receive a goody bag of products from some of our sponsors including; Ezekiel, Minute Skateboards, Gallaz, Etnies, Carhartt, Eastpak, Homage, Nikita, Ortega, Potato Wheels, Juice Clothing and Conspiracy Skate Shop.
costs 4.50 to skate, 1.50 to spectate.

Girls skate jam @ Pioneer Skate Park



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