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U.K. Skate Scene

Skating in London

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Skating in London


Skate Parks:

Harrow Skate Center : Located at the sports centre. Street Course with flat bank and transition at end, scattered with cones, Metal girders, poles, etc. Roll-in, funbox, flat bank to transition. Blue Pool. Snake run, tube thing and bowls.Roller skate/blades not allowed. Food at McDonalds, Chip shop and Kebab shop in town. Take BR to Harrow from London Euston

Meanwhile 2 : Situated under the big flyover you will see as you exit the nearest tube station (Royal Oak on the Hammersmith and City line), cross the road outside the station and basically keep heading away from the station under the flyover, it is just round the corner. Two big concrete "waves" like mini ramps with no flat bottom. There is a big gap between the two sections which was once known as the Gonz gap but has now been ollied and flipped by loads of people, still gnarly though.

Stockwell : Big concrete park with bowls and hips everywhere, quite busy on Sundays. Stockwell station is on the Northern line or the Victoria line, ask at the station for directions. Kennington : Like an elongated bowl, this skate facility is just down the road from Kennington tube station which is on the Northern line.

Playstation Park : Everyone knows this park! One of the best in the UK, with many ramps, vert and great street course. Portabello Rd., then Acklaim road under bridge. Catch Westbourne Park tube.


Skate Spots:

SouthBank : The home of British skateboarding. Stays dry because is under the Queen Elizabeth hall. Big banks and stairs, nice and flat surface. Weekends see the place packed with skaters. Take the tube or B.R. to Waterloo. BurgerKing and McDonalds in the station. South Bank is 5 minutes from the station and is signposted.

Shell Centre : Just round the corner from SouthBank. Opposite the station. Set of 3, 6 and 7 steps. Marble grindy stuff and other objects of desire.

Liverpool St. : Take the exit of the station next to McDonalds. and do a right to the Swiss Bank. There are lots of different height steps (1-10), double and triple sets if your that good, ledges of different heights. Pretty Sick really. If you see a security guard get on the pavement.

St. Pauls : Patanoster Square and the White Wall. The Square has loads of benches, blocks and a BurgerKing. On the other side of BK is the White Wall. Loads of Steps and steep banks.

Cantelowes : In 97, a 6.5 foot vert ramp was built, with 2 quater pipes running off of it into the main park, the funbox is still there, the bank has been made higher and now there is a grind box/quarter pipe/transition thingy on it. The park has a skate jam once a year to celebrate its greatness. For hungry/stoned skaters there is a tesco express and a petrol station (both 24hr) just across the road. Off-licences are everywhere. BMXers like it here too.

Directions: From Camden Town on the northern line, leave the station with your back to Rymans and Foot locker, cross the road the 'The Halfway House' and you should be walking withh Sainsbury's on your left. Keep going until you see the big blue and yellow garage- we're just behind it!

Design Museum : Only really skateable after 6pm but there is a nice handrail down a set of five stairs and a small long marble ledge, perfect for long manual rolls but maybe a bit low for block tricks. Get off the tube at Tower Hill station (Circle line or District line) and cross Tower Bridge. Once you are on the South side of the Thames, turn left (East) and stick to the path running alongside the river for a couple of minutes on foot and you will see the white building that is the museum.

Parliament Square : Lots of different size grindy ledges from very low to too high for me. Stairs, ledges down stairs and just over the road from the famous "Big Ben road Gap" featured in many British videos and magazines. Nearest tube is Westminster station (Circle line or District line). You need to get yourself across the crazy busy ring road right in front of the Houses of Parliament, Parliament Square is like an island in the middle of the traffic. More grindy ledges are on the North side of the ring road as is loads more skateable stuff all around the general area towards Victoria.

City of London : The square mile or so that is the actual "City of London" is basically a skaters dream, especially on a Sunday when the place is deserted. There are ledges, bars, blocks, stairs and handrails scattered all over the place, you just need to hunt around. But what was once skate Mecca has recently become sketchy with the introduction of a #20 on the spot fine for skateboarding. Paternoster Square, the white wall, Monument gap, Barbican centre, Liverpool Street etc etc all are in the City which has it's own by-laws and independent police force so beware.

Blackfriar's Bridge Blocks : These are quite new and relatively unknown but consist of a few low short ledges which are nicely waxed and some higher longer ledges too. They are situated just under Blackfriar's bridge on the North bank of the Thames on a nice smooth footpath that is quite empty when it is not the rush hour. Blackfriar's station is on the Circle line or District line.

Orange Street and National Gallery : Between Leicester Square (Leicester Square station on the Piccadilly line or Northern line) and Trafalgar Square (Charing Cross station on the Jubilee line or Northern line or Bakerloo line), the National Gallery has a set of three stairs and a set of five both of which are deceptively long but good fun for a few minutes. Just up the road from there, towards Leicester Square is the ledge at Orange Street. Real grindy and real long, running alongside a long set of four stairs (frontside 50-50's for regular footed). Trafalgar Square itself has some good ledges but it is the busiest place in London and you would be lucky to get to skate there at all.

Skate Shops

Slam City Skates / Skate of Mind : Neals Yard, Covent Garden. Stocks Everything you could ever want. Rough Trade music downstairs. 020 7836 9060

Insane : Pratt Street Camden Town tube.

Cide : 88 Lower Marsh Street (One of the streets parallel to Waterloo Station) Great shop, 100% skater owned.

Harrow Skate Centre : The old HSC no longer exists but there is now a very small skater owned shop 2 mins walk from Harrow and Wealdstone station. - Go straight out of the station and go along the road ahead that doesn't run beside the railway, look for a big blue building called the "In Shops" and its inside.

Quicksilver Boardriders : Earlham St., catch the tube to Leicester Square.

Club Blueroom : Park Lane, entrance of the tube, on the left as you come out, the tube station is Marble Arch (Central line).
There are also two other Blue Rooms in London, one at 12A Fouberts Place (off Carnaby St.) and one at 144A on Brompton Road.

Small club Blueroom : 12a Fauberts Place

Ratbones : 73 Oxford Street (Marble Arch/Tottenham Court Road)

Rollersnakes : 121 Kings Rd. Chelsea. Near M&S Catch tube to Sloane Sqr. Or South Kensington.


Just to add that there is the good old Kennington reservoir, in the corner of Kennington Park in London, turn left out of tube 200 yards. Its a banked concrete reservoir which is great to skate - weather permitting. And what also Romford skatepark - old school heaven - half pipes, pool, performance bowl - open all year. Check it out.

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