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Death Lite Decks

 With the Death soul still firmly rooted in Harrow, London, Death decks still feel less like a poppy tech street deck but tend more towards the local concrete riding scene. The local harrow skate park giving rise to this trend. Now death decks aren't about the deep concaves and radical nose and tail, which in todays mass marketed, American corporate, pro decks, are so common. Its more about the actual feel and handling of the board. The New Death Lites are gorgeous and stick to your feet perfectly with all the pop you need to soar over concrete transitions and the right length/width ratio to make them just right for carving. As the name suggests, these decks are lighter than their contemporaries but don't snap in a fe minutes like the dreadful Element Featherlite and Fibrelite decks, which are ok for the whole month of use you get out of em. But the deck I'm talking about has kept me going for odds on a year now, still as snappy and responsive as it ever was. Ok, so I'm not the harshest sketar in the world, tending towards carving and more away from the 7+ set category, but still, they don't make them like that anymore.

Libtech Decks:

Libtech decks have been out for a while now and they are starting to seel more, even though very few people can say they own a libtech deck.

The decks themselves are made of loads of hi-tech materials, including graphite in the tail and nose, to give more pop. I must say that libtech decks are definately good decks. The plastic on them really does make them last and the tail gets to a point where it hardly wares out at all, but still has a good pop.

The decks are very light, probably the lightest deck I have ridden and they are strong as well. The only down-side of libtech decks is the design, which lacks creativity. Unfortunately I got my Deck together with the rest of my setup nicked at the Osiris tour, so I ever saw the end of it. Overall, if you want a deck that lasts and you are not bothered about the graphics then this is the deck for you.
Rating: ( 8/10 )

Bullet Proof Boards - Carbon Fibre Deck

These decks are quite new and I have never seen a deck made of carbon fibre before. The deck is a nice shape, with a good concave and is a nice weight as well. It is black all over unlike a wooden deck and this looks quite good with black griptape as well. But where this deck's qualities really show is when its ridden. I skated in this deck for a day and by the end of the day I was finding it a lot easier to pull tricks, as the pop in the board is truly amazing and the shape of the board made it easy for me to control.

The pop is a lot sharper and harder than the normal wooden deck and it doesn't tend to lose its pop unlike some wooden decks. The deck slides well on most surfaces, probably because of the carbon fibre, this cuts out any problems with nose/tail slides. It held out quite well when I was grinding and it doesn't really ware down unless you grind stone things like curbs and then It is still quite robust.
The graphics used to be limited, with standard logos just printed on the bottom, but now there are some really swish designs, the vandal (pictured above) being my favorite, but you can see all of them on the website. There is also a repair kit, which can be used to fix the deck, when parts wear thin, like the tail from ollieing. I haven't tried the repair kit out yet, but it seems like it would do the job. Overall I thought the deck was very tough and a pleasure to ride. 
Rating ( 9.5/10 )

UPDATED 2003: Bulletproof Skateboard Decks is going through a rough time right now, for all practical purposes they are out of business, unfortunately you cannot purchase the boards online anymore.)



P J Ladd's Wonderful Horrible Life


This is a video i would recommend to anyone who likes to watch people to do all kind of things and not just handrails, the video is extremely watchable and is the best skate vid i have seen in years, the video is good although i would recommend the DVD as it has the original version, a new version and plenty of extras whereas the video just has the original version.

Puzzle No.5  


43 MIN This is the fifth video in what will probably grow into a collection of 411 proportions. They've got some good effects and great filming. The skating is good, especially considering the lack of big names, and it's nice not seeing the same old spots over and over again. There are not a lot of eye-popping tricks, but there is some good talent, and it is filmed well. In this issue, Puzzle covers the Glissexpo in Paris, France; the local scenes in Zurich, Switzerland; the scenes in Nantes, France; and the scene in Madrid and Vitoria, Spain. They also check out the London-based skateboard company Blueprint, who has a rad team including the likes of John Rattray. The soundtrack is mostly hip-hop and back beats, which can make the video a little slow unless you're into it.
Rating: (7/10)

Toy Machine  

  28 MIN Welcome To Hell will be the answer that comes out of most people's mouths when you ask about the best video in recent years. It shows the Toy Machine team at its peak, minus the Muska who's part was left on the cutting room floor because of irreconcilable differences. So what was used to replace Muska's expected 'last part'? How 'bout the best damn Jamie Thomas footage to date. Jamie also took on the task of editing this video, and made a name for himself in another realm of skateboarding. There isn't a dull moment in there, and if this video is known for anything besides the skating, it's the final fall section. Ed's not afraid to share his pain with you.
Rating: (9/10)

Destroying America  

  This vid is from hook-ups and is one of the most expensive skate videos ever made. One stunt alone cost the makers $19,000 (about 11,000), which features a police car diving off the edge of a tall building and hitting the floor, bursting into a ball of flames. The video has hardly any skateboarding and most of it is just a pathetic storyline where the only vaguely good bit is the asian girls who are pretty nice. But lets cut to the chase, this video is crap. Yes, it really does suck. You may think i'm being a little hard on it, but spending 11 grand on a stunt which is shown for one second is just stupid. I would understand if it involved an element of skateboarding, but its just a police car driving off the edge of a tall building and I would buy the latest schwarzneger film if I wanted to see that! Heath Kirchart, Jeremy Kline, Willy Santos, Dan Rogers, Bam Margera and Tony Hawk are the main skaters in the video, but there is so little skating footage that this video really isn't worth buying.
Rating: (2/10)


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